They Need A Win

An injured thumb won’t be keeping Yankee starter Joba Chamberlain from making his start today against the Orioles. Joba suffered a popped blood vessel in his right thumb yesterday when playing catch before last nights loss. has the story: Thumb not keeping Joba from start | News. (see video of Joba’s K’s with the story).

The Yankees need a win today. They have lost six of their last seven games. Winning one game in a week is a pathetic display for a team with this much talent. Mark Teixeira needs to build on his home run last night and dig out of this disgusting hole he is in. The defense needs to play like they don’t have something they would rather be doing. The offense needs to hit when there is a man in scoring position and not wilt like a plant in the heat. This team needs a few big hits today.

They really need Joba to build on his last start. He started the game off by allowing four runs. He bounced back well and struck out 12 Red Sox batters… the offense didn’t follow suit and could not pull even. When the pen is called on, they need to pitch like they want to keep their jobs. They need to stop the bleeding. I am sick of throwing my various remotes all over because these guys can’t get an out.

I hope the Yankees show up today. I would love to end the week with a series win… They are currently 4-11 against the AL East… that needs to turn that around fast, or they can kiss any chance of the playoffs goodbye. They need to beat the teams they are supposed to beat… and from where I am sitting the O’s are just that type of team.

Hopefully last night served as a wake up call.

UPDATE: I am stealing this from River Avenue Blues, I don’t think they’ll mind… Enter for a chance to win a Fourth of July Luxury Suite | River Avenue Blues.

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~ by RuhiRants on May 10, 2009.

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