HBT Daily: Making sense of the Biogenesis scandal

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Kay and I talk abut drugs and baseball and scandal and oh my:

[nbcsports_video src=http://player.theplatform.com/p/BxmELC/nbcsportsembed/embed/select/7eroNm0eJNBH service=rsn_iframe width=590 height=332]


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The 2010 New York Yankees…

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The YES Network played a seven minute video clip that I recoded using my evo. Not the greatest quality, but you get the idea… I will enjoy watching it a few times, so I figured why not post it… so if you haven’t seen it, or you want to see it again, enjoy…

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I Still Hate The Sports Pope

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This guy is such a fucking blow hard. Because the Yankees lost the last two games they can’t possibly win the division according to the Pope.

Well FUCK YOU Fat-man! This guy is so full of shit. He is getting what he wants, pissing off Yankee fans, so his pathetic ass gets ratings he so desperately desires. Well he ain’t getting the ratings from me today. The only one who is done is him, I am shutting his fat ass off. I hope some of you also shut his ass off… and God forbid you call and disagree with him, you will be waved off and dismissed as the pesant he thinks you are…

FUCK YOU FRANCESA… I hope the Yankees shove it down your throat. If they win the division this fat fuck will say he knew it all along, and if you cite today’s diatribe he will dismiss you.

Done ranting for now…


The Picture Says It All

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Not a CY Young Type Game For CC

The Yankees stunk last night… Not much needs to be said about the loss more than that.

Vazquez was really bad… Who walks a guy, then hits the next three batters? Javier Fucking Vazquez that’s who… what a joke.

The Yankees are still in 1st place by half a game, and the will make the playoffs, unless they really just don”t win again…

Tonight it’s the Red Sox in the Bronx… Pettitte will make his second start since coming off the DL. He looked very good last time out, and hopefully that continues tonight. Andy is such an important part of the rotation. Without him pitching the team would be in serious trouble. A strong outing tonight would ease a lot of tension within the fan base…

Beckett is pitching for the Red Sox, and that is fine by me. That guy is not an ace… heck he isn’t even a number 4 starter anymore, no matter what the sheeple of RSN will yap at ya. I know he’s been injured much of the year, but the Yankees have handled Beckett pretty well over the years, outside of 2003.

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Moseley, Gaudin, and Albaladejo… Oh My

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What does that translate into? A loss… An ugly loss on a very long rain soaked night in the Bronx. There is no point re-hashing how bad the pen was, I don’t expect to see any of those guys on the post-season roster, baring some catastrophic event.

The loss isn’t that big a deal. The Yankees still have a 1.5 game lead, and CC is on the mound tonight. Price goes for the Rays, and it should be a heck of a rematch… I just hope it isn’t decided by the pens… but if it is I hope we see Joba, Wood, and Mo… not Moseley, Gaudin, and Albaladejo.

AJ looked pretty good last night, even if it was for only 3 innings before the rain and the lightning forced a two hour delay. Hopefully he keeps getting better as the playoffs get closer. If AJ can get his shit together the Yankee rotation with CC, Pettitte, Hughes and AJ will rock.

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Berkman Goes Yard

Lance Berkman finally hits his first home run as a NY Yankee… It came in the bottom of the 5th in a game that has already seen a 2 hour rain delay.

The Yankees are still behind 2-1 going into the top of the 6th.

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Rain Delay Boredom

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Since I’m bored out of my mind during rain delays I look at You Tube… Figure I’d share a couple of my favorite Yankee related videos. Enjoy…

Have any you love, share them in the comments section!

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